Students as Producers and Consumers of Primary Contents Using Web 2.0 Tools

Herrera O., Mejías P., Gutiérrez C. and Matamoro R.


In most educational experiences, the students generate contents that are not the primary source of knowledge, but they are only used for evaluation, and accessed only by the course teacher. Moreover, the teachers are in charge of preparing all necessary documents for their courses, either preparing their own material or collecting information from other authors. This way of working assumes that students do not have the capability to generate quality content, which may provide support for their peers in the learning process. Therefore, we can specify the problem approached by this research as follows: content generated by students are not considered as a primary source of knowledge, mainly because the traditional paradigm sees the teacher as the only person empowered to produce knowledge. The solution presented in this research is a methodology of using Web 2.0 authoring tools that can support the learning process, delegating in the students the role of being producers and consumers of their own knowledge. This article describes two cases where students assume the role of knowledge producers to be used as a primary source of content, and as consumers of this knowledge. To implement the planned activities, a program to level the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) skills was developed. Thus, it could ensure the participation of students in each activity designed to facilitate the use of unconventional web tools in the student community.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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