Reflections on How Teachers and Students Learn Science Finding Practical Solutions to Solving Secondary Science Cognition Problems; Using the Ways of Knowing to Connect How Teachers and Students Learn Content in Secondary Science Education

Christine M. Yukech.


This paper includes ideas behind students thought processes the inquiry and the analysis of classroom methods. The study includes reflections from Biology and masters level science education students who were asked to complete a survey about two particular guided inquiry lessons, and the general use of resources during practice, application and processing lessons in the classroom. This research is a springboard to address cognition and its ability to help formulate practice, application, and processing skills that drive the enhancement and engagement of conceptual understanding of secondary science concepts. Students were asked to reflect on teaching with regard to resources, practice, application and process. The following ideas are also addressed in the paper; how students learn science, and ways to understand the stages of development in cognition, scientific inquiry and reasoning skills.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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