Cyberspace vs. Electronic Environment: The Case of Europe



The authors of the article analyze the concept “electronic environment”. Having studied a range of academic literature sources and other sources, the authors of the article have drawn a conclusion that the academic writings do not provide a definition of “electronic environment”. Furthermore, the various opinions among specialists regarding this concept often differ. Meanwhile, there are several explanations of the term “cyberspace” overlapping the concept of “electronic environment”, and these terms are often believed to be synonyms. To understand what the term “electronic environment” means and to properly and correctly employ this concept in entrepreneurship, the authors have performed a lexicographic analysis of this concept by comparing reciprocal concepts. As a result of the research, the authors propose their view on what, in their opinion, “electronic environment” is and what its connection to the concept “cyberspace” is. The topicality of the article lies in the fact that often entrepreneurs and specialists of public and other institutions, when using these terms, imply completely different concepts. It can lead to misunderstanding and misinterpreting the information, as well as to encumbering the understanding of tasks, problems, etc.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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