The Cybernetic can Improve the Quality of Life: An Intelligent Limb Prosthesis

R. Balvetti, M. L. Bargellini, M. Battaglia, A. Botticelli, G. Bozanceff, G. Brunetti, A. Chiapparelli, G. Casadei, A. Filippini, A. Guidoni, E. Pancotti, L. Puccia, L. Rubini, A. Tripodo, C. Zampetti. and S. Brunelli, A. S. Delussu F. Paradisi, M. Traballesi and A. Grandinetti and E. Di Stanislao, R. Rosellini


The paper will describe the basic elements of the cybernetic model of Synthetic Intelligence: GIASONE, and its implementation in the biomedical field, relatively to research and development of a synthetic intelligent prosthesis prototype, deepening the terms of the “dialogue” between the artificial component and the patient’s intentional world.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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