Social Networks as the Best Instrument for Achieving Full, Worldwide and Truly Global e-Inclusion

Dusan Soltes


The paper is dealing with some new phenomena on Internet caused by the fact that there has been growing interest and popularity of the social networks where the users provide very often also their personal and other sensitive data that under other conditions and circumstances are objects of various degrees of personal data protection, security and privacy. The CONSENT project has been a reaction of the EU and the EC towards these new development processes on Internet as a typical and modern component of the modern information society and has been searching for adequate solutions. In the following parts of this paper we are presenting some of the main preliminary results as achieved under the CONSENT project especially in the conditions of the Slovak Republic as one of the participating countries and the main object of our research at the above faculty and university. As the methodology of our research has been concerned it’s mainly based on the analyses of various SN/UGC, interview, questionnaires with the services providers as well as SN/UGC users, etc

Full Paper in PDF Document


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