Service Quality Management in the ITS Telecommunications Systems

Tomas ZELINKA, Zdenek LOKAJ and Martin STOTYR


Guaranteed telecommunication service selected quality and defined area coverage are typical requirements of the ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) applications. Limited range of wireless data services with reasonable coverage is provided by public wireless services operators, and, mostly no guaranteed relevant range of service quality and security is available. ITS services require cost-effectively solution which can be resolved based on combination of the “core” solution with the other public as well as private services where and when it is needed. Such approach requires implementation of the relevant flexible system architecture supported by the efficient decision processes. ITS specific service security requirements cannot be underestimated, so that tolerance range of security performance parameters must be guaranteed by service providers combined with specific security approached implemented on ITS service level. Special situation is identified in case of the C2I (Car to Infrastructure) and C2C (Car to Car) communication where vehicle on board unit is interconnected with the vehicle CAN (Controlled Area Network) based network, as well as with other networks via wireless service. Such configurations significantly increase potential of dangerous intruders´ attacks. That is also the main reason why relevant telecommunications security support is understood as one of the crucial part of the ITS telecommunications solution. This topic must be studied and impact of telecommunications solution parameters on the ITS service must be quantified.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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