Responses of Cells to Fluid Shear Stress in Vitro

Fumihiko SATO, Shigehiro HASHIMOTO and Kei OYA and Hiromichi FUJIE


Responses of cells to a fluid shear stress have been studied in vitro. A rhombus flow chamber was designed to observe the response of cells to the fluid shear stress under a microscope. A thin sheet of silicone rubber was sandwiched by two transparent polydimethylsiloxane disks to form a parallelepiped flow channel of 20 mm length × 0.1 mm depth. Variation was made on the width of the channel (from 1 mm to 3 mm) with a rhombus shape to vary the wall shear stress. Behavior of cells on the disk was observed under a flow with an inverted phase contrast microscope. The shear stress on the wall is calculated with an estimated parabolic velocity profile between the parallel disks. After several cells adhered to the disk, the shear stress was applied on the cells in the medium flow with a syringe pump. The constant flow rate of 18 mL/hour produces the wall shear stress between 1 Pa and 3 Pa. L929 (fibroblast-like, mouse connective tissue) was examined with the methodology. The experimental results show that the response of cells can be observed under stimulation by the fluid at the controlled wall shear stress in the flow chamber.

Full Paper in PDF Document



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