Qualitative relationships between the environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance indicators for supporting the decision-making



The contribution is focused on the interrelationships between environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) performance indicators. ESG-indicators are increasingly used by investors to understand the processes in society with focusing on the key factors. The aim of the contribution is the proposal of ESG-indicators for measuring the performance and determination of the qualitative relations between them, under influence of multiple factors that can be considered as a prerequisite for success not only in the decision-making process but also for the possibility to determine the Sustainable Value. Different statistical methods were applied in the process of the development of environmental, social and corporate governance indicators. On the basis of analysis of the ESG performance indicators of international organisations (GRI, UNCTAD, UN Global Compact, IFAC, OECD, IFRS, EFFAS-DVFA, CFA, WBCSD, Green Paper, etc.) was carried out an empirical analysis of environmental, social and corporate governance indicators for the companies in the manufacturing sector according to CZ-NACE. The expected result of the research is the proposal of ESG-performance which should help to the investors to decide on their investment activities and simultaneously to be part of the Sustainability Reporting.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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