Pedagogies for Teaching Online

Cynthia Schmitt, Rhoda Baggs


After a total of 13 years experience teaching various courses for various programs online at the university level, the authors discovered that there are unique pedagogical approaches required by different disciplines. Couple this with a constant treadmill requirement of keeping up with the technology. This is further complicated by a constant need to monitor and risk mitigate against what can broadly be described as ‘technical difficulties’. The growth of the online teaching market and the tools that have the potential to facilitate this market, on a timeline, differs from traditional academic timelines associated with planning, scheduling, purchasing of software and hardware, deployment to faculty, students, and classrooms, along with training of all humans involved. This paper represents a set of best practices and lessons learned; along with some data representing how non-intuitive online teaching and the experience associated with it has been.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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