Methodology of Innovation and Technological Modernization for the Graphics Arts Industry

Miguel Munive and Pablo Nuño


At present, the phenomenon of technological modernization becomes a major opportunity for companies in the graphic industry in Mexico, according to information of the Chamber of Graphics Arts Industry (CANAGRAF), the Industrial Union of Lithographers of Mexico (UILMAC), The Latin American Confederation of the Graphic Industry (CONLATINGRAF) and the National Association of Manufacturers and Distributors for the Graphic Industry (ANIDIGRAF). The lack of improved operational efficiency, lack of technological innovation strategies, the need for better financing mechanisms and factors that require a new organization for the new digital technologies of the century, are some areas that demand improvements in the graphics arts industry in Mexico. Institutions related to the graphic sector have pursued strategies that allow them to improve their productivity, profitability and competitiveness. Unfortunately the results are not encouraging as evidenced by the strategic study of the sector to analyze the competitiveness and sustainable development of the production chain of Graphics Arts Industry. Our research is based on an applied work at a lithographic company supported by a qualitative and quantitative approach to determine in a pragmatic way, the path to modernize their processes by applying an original methodology to improve the productivity measured by lead time, waste, make ready and rework. The results of applying this methodology suggest that the most important factors are, (1) the use of mechanisms supported by the scientific method to simplify plant operations (lean enterprise), that at the same time increase overall productivity, (2) the presence of a strong leadership team that promotes cohesiveness, encouraging change, and (3) a strategic environment conducive to the development of a culture of innovation.

Full Paper in PDF Document



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