Live Well Collaborative Sustainability Studio:A Case Study of an Interdisciplinary Approach to Better Understanding 50+ Product Perception and Interaction

Peter Chamberlain and Dr. Chris Allen


In a recently conducted studio course at the University of Cincinnati, three teams comprised of graduate and undergraduate students of various majors from the College of Business and the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) came together to focus on the complex issue of understanding the behavior and motivations of 50+ aged consumers in regard to sustainability. This unique interdisciplinary design studio took place at the Live Well Collaborative (LWC), a University of Cincinnati design-driven research hub for innovative product and service concept development for the 50+ age group. Guiding the student teams were two faculty members from the respective colleges, and supporting the efforts of the studio was a panel of sustainability experts from regional businesses and multinational corporations.

By the end of the quarter, the students and faculty had expanded their versatility through the experience of working with those outside their discipline, and came to better understand the unique qualities and merits of their own contributions to the efforts of an interdisciplinary team.

The successes, missteps, and future impact of this studio will be discussed in this paper in the hope that they might inform and prepare others who are planning such an endeavor.

Full Paper in PDF Document



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