IMS End-to-End Integration Validation Testing Approach

Keith Carduck, Thomas Farley, Luis Nieto, Manthan Chavda


The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is regarded as the global Service Delivery Platform (SDP) standard for enabling network convergence and multimedia delivery applications. The objective of this document is to present the network Testing Strategy for IMS as the reference solution. The concepts presented in this document follow the Alcatel-Lucent holistic approach for solution integration and validation, which is linked to and part of the Alcatel-Lucent Advanced Integration Methods (AIM). The testing of the IMS solution referenced herein includes the network control layer and service layer (via a generic Application Server solution). This type of testing safeguards the essence of the IMS architecture which revolves around a universal open ended platform for providing services across both wireless as well as wireline terminals simultaneously. This document only deals with the Testing Strategy of an IMS Reference solution. As a next step, this document ought to be incorporated into the Solution Validation Strategy, which includes the definition of the Test Design, and Test Plan. Finally, Test Execution starts according to the defined Test Plan.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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