Implementing Excel Pivot Functionality in SAS® Software



The enormity of data used and collected in all levels of research is overwhelming; to many data analysts this deluge poses not only opportunities but can be a significant hindrance to figuring out “what does my data tell me?” Tools abound but many analysts just need something to get them started and many turn to one simple yet effective tool, Microsoft Excel’s PivotTable® utility. The Excel’s PivotTable is a versatile function allowing users to view data in a variety of different ways. Large datasets can be easily manipulated by filtering, transforming and aggregating information providing valuable insights including difficult to detect trend identification. Our paper will provide codes and illustrate a method of using this data mining technique and firmly places this unique and simple-to- understand tool into the hands of SAS® developers. We will step users through the use of PROC SQL and PROC TRANSPOSE procedures to create a robust pivot table utility easily applied to a variety of SAS® based applications. Our goal is to give users tools that not only can be used across many types of data but also help identify important information to begin analysis.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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