Global Orders and Intellectual Deployment Challenges

Rinaldo C. MICHELINI and Roberto P. RAZZOLI


The civilisation is bewildering accomplishment, rooted in voluntary measures that men conceive and apply to the surrounds, aiming at improving their life-quality. The paper gives an overview of how the artificial mind worlds coherently prefigure such (actually ascertained) happening, with, nevertheless, emerging construal ambiguities. The devised pictures are background of increased concern about the man civilisation continuation. The sustainability of the growth is impeding threat, produced by the ecology globalization, viz., the vibrant alarm on bio-sphere (today mistrusted) reliability. In truth, several reasons exist for fear about future growth, especially, when considering the advanced countries, too much used into undiscerning faith about financial instruments. The ecology comes to be sharp intruder in the economy globalisation prospects, worsening the already actually serious events. The analysis, without hiding the critical character of the challenge, is somehow comforting. The progress, if organised on merely a posteriori rationales, will persist, on condition of groundbreaking discoveries of the man intelligence. The ‹cognitive revolution› is a devised up-turn, offsetting the current industrialism over-pollution and over-consumption, by means of the ‹to de-materialise› and the ‹to re-materialise› routines of the robot age technologies.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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