Faculty development, Leadership and Organizational culture in a rural medical school – a case study

Tracy Morrison, Judi Walker, Melanie Bryant and Debra Nestel


Successful university departments have many facets that need to be considered for effective operation. These include continuing development of faculty, strong leadership and a positive workplace environment. Faculty development is professional training for staff aiming to increase their knowledge and skills in their area of work. Leadership is the process whereby an appointed faculty member develops, sets and maintains direction for the organization and its employees. Organizational culture is the social and psychological environment of the workplace. This thesis in progress is a single, exploratory case study investigating these topic areas.

The Gippsland Medical School (GMS) is a rurally located school in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Science (FMNHS) at Monash University in Australia. GMS is an excellent ‘case’ for research as it is a relatively small school both in number of students and faculty compared to other medical schools.

This case study will provide valuable insight into the faculty development needs, leadership structure and culture of GMS.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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