Dynamic Model of the Farm Producing Biogas from Agriculture Biomass

Sandija Rivža, Pēteris Rivža, Irina Pilvere, Baiba Rivža


As the technologies of the renewable energy production evolve, the sustainability aspects of the renewable energy production are topical at the moment. Dynamic modeling allows to design the whole production system and test the technological and economic aspects of this system for it`s efficiency and sustainability in a defined period of time. The Dynamic model, described in the article is set up for a farm that produces biogas from agriculture biomass. Dynamic model includes full cycle of agriculture production and consists of several mutually connected blocks: production (grain, biomass, milk, meat, biogas, heat, electricity), finance (investments, income, outcome, subsidies, loans), resources (arable land, farms, bioreactor, technical  equipment, workforce), and risks (risk evaluation, risk reduction). The module is created within the Powersim Studio 7 software and tested with the data of the Latvia University of Agriculture (LUA) Study and Research farm ,,Vecauce’’ biogas production plant.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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