Design of Micro-channel for Controlling Behavior of Cells in Vitro

Fumihiko SATO, Shigehiro HASHIMOTO, Takahiro OOSHIMA and Kei OYA and Hiromichi FUJIE and Toshitaka YASUDA


A micro-channel has been designed to control behavior of biological cells in vitro. An erythrocyte deforms and passes through the micro-circulation, of which the dimension is smaller than its diameter. The spleen, for example, has special morphology in the blood flow path to sort injured erythrocytes. The micro-channel is useful for treatment of cell in diagnostics, too. The photolithography technique enables manufacturing the micro-channel. A borosilicate glass disk was used for a mold, and a wet etching process was applied for micro-fabrication. The study shows that the curvature of the micro groove can be controlled with the isotropic etching process in the photolithography machining and that the photolithography technique is effective to manufacture the micro-channel for the manipulation of a biological cell.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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