Cross-Cultural Student Seminar for Communication Training in Multidisciplinary Field of Study: Application to Biomedical Engineering



Misunderstanding occurs often in multidisciplinary field, because each field has its own background of thinking. Communication training is important for students, who have a potential to develop multidisciplinary field. Because each nation has its own cultural background, communication in an international seminar is not easy, either. A cross-cultural student seminar has been designed for communication training in multidisciplinary field of study. The seminar has been applied to biomedical engineering field. Students from variety of back ground have joined in the seminar. In the presentation training, each student proposes his own project, which relates to the biomedical engineering field. After the other students review the presentation, one project has been selected and its contents have been discussed in the group of students. Equations and figures are effective tools for communication in the field of science. The seminar works well for communication training in the multidisciplinary field of study of biomedical engineering.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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