Critical Success Factors to Choose an Information Technology Career: A Specific Case in a Mexican Higher Education Institution



It is a fact that mode plays an important role to select a career, new options of careers from engineering are preferred by students instead that traditional options; for example, Mechatronics, Aeronautics, Automotive specializations, Bionics, Biomedical and others are so popular. Every day we have new necessities in the world and we need to find the way to solve them, for that reason these new careers are good options to students, however traditional areas are important too. Information Technology is not the exception because every enterprise, school, association and organization needs computers with systems that help to solve specific situations or to manage resources. In Mexico, Information Technology careers are been affected for low enrolment of students, of course private universities have suffered more this situation than public schools. In this research work we show the most important factors that have a real incidence to choose an Information Technology career. Our methodology consisted in the design of a survey using seven points Likert´s scale where potential students could express more about their expectative, preferences and required abilities to study these careers. The mentioned survey had three versions and each one was validated through Cronbach’s Alpha. Data collected were analyzed using statistical software SPSS to obtain the critical success factors.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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