Konstantin MEYL


The DNA generates a longitudinal wave which propagates within the magnetic field vector. Computed frequencies from DNA structure agree with bio photon radiation frequencies as predicted. Optimization of efficiency is done by minimizing the conduction losses which leads to the double helix structure of DNA. The vortex model of the magnetic scalar wave not only covers the many observed structures within the nucleus but also introduces the reader to the hyperboloid channels in the matrix as two cells are then found to communicate with each other. Physical results were revealed in 1990 which form the theoretical basis of the essential component of a potential vortex scalar wave. An extended field theory approach has been known since 2009 following the discovery of magnetic monopoles. For the first time magnetic scalar wave theory best explains the physical basis of life not only from the biological discipline of science understanding only. And for the first time this interdisciplinary theory and provides a new understanding of cellular functions that are explained such theory depicting the complex relationships of nature. The characteristics of the potential vortex are decisive. Now using the concentration effect, my theory provides a cellular miniaturization view down to a few nanometers. This theory for the first time allows a better understanding of the outrageously high information density in the nucleus. Magnetic scalar wave theory explains how the dual base pair-stored information of the genetic code is formed. The process of converting electrical modulation into “piggyback” information that transfers or is send from the cell nucleus to another cell is a revolutionary theory. Information transferred at the receiving end during the reverse process takes place involving a change in the physical and chemical cellular structure. The energy required to power the chemical process, is now understood by the extended field theory to come from the magnetic scalar wave itself.

Full Paper in PDF Document



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