Analysis of an IT Team Seeking Business Expansion and Support of Health Institution

Karina Aparecida da Cruz PINTO and Maria Ludovina Aparecida QUINTANS


Information technology plays an essential role in the implementation of business strategy in companies, especially when it comes to a health institution, where technological developments stand out in search of the improvement of medical procedures. It is important to the aid of IT to improve the quality of care with speed and agility in information records. This study seeks to understand the tools and techniques for gathering requirements used in the institution to identify whether they are effective for the business expansion of the health institution. The methodology of this work is carried out through literature review and a structured questionnaire on IT staff. In summary, the results of the tools used by the team indicate a knowledge commensurate with the position and responsibilities of each member and master the techniques of requirements elicitation and brainstorming interview. It is concluded that the techniques and tools used by IT staff of the health institution of this study are effective in improving the help of services rendered, since the team is successful in the technique of brainstorming, getting lots of ideas in design and in Microsoft Visio tool using it in data modeling, flowcharts, organization charts, among others.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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