An Examination of the Utilization of Instructional Technology by Full-time Faculty at West Virginia and Virginia Community Colleges

Amy R. Blankenship, Dennis M. Anderson


Without the requisite commitment and support from an institution faculty will minimally take advantage of instructional technology. This support includes having the availability of a full-time instructional technologist to assist them with the features of a new application. It includes, as well, technical support to trouble shoot problems as they arise. A faculty incentive program is also important and includes such rewards as a remuneration schedule for creating new courses in an electronic format or converting an existing course in an electronic format. Having a dedicated revenue stream to ensure a robust instructional technology program is essential. Finally, institutional policies and procedures that support and enhance distance education are critical to the overall success of the program. Absent this level of support, the institution likely will not realize the full measure of its success in recruiting students who are drawn by a diversity of delivery modes.

The purpose of this research is threefold: (1) to measure the usage of select technology by full-time faculty in their courses; (2) to gauge the attitude of full-time faculty regarding the use of instructional technology; and (3) to assess institutional resources required to support the use of instructional technology. An online survey has been created and will be the main data gathering tool of this study. The online survey link will be e-mailed to all fulltime faculties at the 10 community and technical colleges in West Virginia and 23 community colleges in Virginia.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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