An Efficient e-Learning System for TCP/IP Protocols Suite

Hyungoo Han


An efficient e-learning system for TCP/IP protocols suite is studied. In this learning method, the concept of TCP/IP protocols suite is described by a top-down approach to overcome the shortcoming of the bottom-up approach. In addition, the system describes the problems of each layer in terms of security. The system is implemented in a Java-based script language to simulate security problems with animation effects. These features provide an efficient and effective study method. This learning system can be used to easily and quickly learn about network systems, especially TCP/IP protocols suite, through simulation and animation. Since the e-learning system will be used by government personnel in Korea, a prototype of the system is implemented in Korean. Beginners to network systems like government workers, who have limited study time and lack basic knowledge on network systems like TCP/IP protocols suite, can use this e-learning system. 

Full Paper in PDF Document


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