Advances in Control of Teleoperation System by State Convergence

Julio C. TAFUR and Cecilia García, Rafael Aracil, Roque Saltaren


In this work, we propose a control strategy by state convergence applied to bilateral control of a nonlinear teleoperator system with constant delay.

The bilateral control of the teleoperator system considers the case when the human operator applies a constant force on the local manipulator and when the interaction of the remote manipulator with the environment is considered passive.

The stability analysis is performed using Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional, it showed that using an control algorithm by state convergence for the case with constant delay, the nonlinear local and remote teleoperation system is asymptotically stable, also speeds converge to zero and position tracking is achieved.

This work also presents the implementation of an experimental platform. The mechanical structure of the arm that is located in the remote side has been built and the electric servomechanism has been mounted to control their movement.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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