A Case Study in STEM Education: Construction Management Capstone Case Study: Museum at Five Points

Ronald HOLT


This paper places students in a role playing situation that revolves around the Museum at Five Points, a project which is already under construction. As the case develops the students, in the role of the project manager, must through a series of questions be able to make a decision on the extent of the problem, who was responsible, what questions must be answered to solve the problem, what work must be performed to remedy the situation, what costs are involved, how will the problem(s) affect the schedule, and what trades will be involved. They are required to make a decision that will be agreeable to all parties involved and at the same time resolve the problem in the most efficient and timely manner. The teacher/facilitator initially provides the following information: setting and initial statement of problem, time frame and conditions of site, job site description and personnel on the project, and description of conversation of problem presentation. The teacher/facilitator starts off the case with a statement from the assistant to the project manager notifying them of a potential problem. The students must then take over the role, ask questions and proceed through the project’s resolution.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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